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Room in Landhaus Gritschacher

Retro - Like a lovingly restored antique

At Landhaus Gritschacher we offer numerous accommodation options.

Each room has been lovingly restored and brought up to date with today's technology so that you won't miss anything during your stay.

Hopefully you will find what you are looking for in our options below.

Kärnten It's my Life



Let the day begin with a rich breakfast in our Deffreger-Stüberl

Extra service

A pleasant option

A free tea bar and mineral water are available in the rooms. If you have forgotten your toothbrush or razor, we can help you here too

Free WiFi

For our busy guests

With our free WiFi and other amenities, guests enjoy a high level of comfort for minimal effort. Find out more about our service and hospitality by viewing our site or contacting us directly.

What makes us special

No matter what has changed in your travel plan, Landhaus Gritschacher offers you the flexibility you need. Just give us a call if you want to arrive or depart later

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