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About Us

We are often asked how we found this venerable old house. My answer is, "We didn't find the house, it was looking for someone stupid and found us"! When in 2006 the desire for change became great, the plan was not yet made to give up everything completely in Munich, but the actual thought was, we would buy somewhere (Madeira, Styria) - Carinthia was not yet in our planning at all - rebuild a small house and rent it out to holiday guests. While searching the internet for suitable properties, we kept coming across the photo of the Gritschacher guesthouse.

So at some point the decision was made to go to Carinthia - as we all know, it doesn't cost anything to have a look. It was love at first sight. Until that moment we had no exact idea where our new home was, but from that moment on we knew. But it was to take another 4 years until we were finally able to call the venerable house our own in 2010. Since then we have been renovating and rebuilding. In 2011, the first two guest rooms on the first floor were finished and in the following years the other rooms on the second floor.

What is there to tell about us personally. I, Ulla, was born in Munich-Pasing in 1963, trained as a tax assistant and qualified executive secretary. I worked in my father's company, which owned a large, renowned waterproofing and renovation company in Munich, as personnel manager and executive secretary and also ran a small accounting service.

My better half Walter was born in 1952 in St. Pölten. (Lower Austria). After his apprenticeship years at the renowned Grandhotel Pittner in St. Pölten and his attendance at the hotel management school in Bad Hofgastein, he began his travelling years at home and abroad, including on the MS Europa. After returning to the city of Salzburg, he ran the Muntenhammer restaurant in Salzburg. After 20 years, however, the fun and love of gastronomy was lost and a 20-year sabbatical in Munich followed. During this time out we got to know and love each other.

The death of my father made it clear to us that we had to live our dream. So we dedicated ourselves to this new task in life and fulfilled a childhood dream by buying the Gasthof Gritschacher. I, a small but fine private room rental, and my husband, to revive an old inn with tradition and to reinterpret the dishes from all over the world and the K&K monarchy with exclusively local products.

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